Hey! I'm  Sam

Cue Soul Aligned Design being born.  I feel so grateful to have created a business I love, that allows me to express myself fully and authentically, and gives me the opportunity to connect with you, create for you, all the while supporting my passions in life, as they ebb and flow.

I have always had an eye for design & photography, yet held myself back for years. My highschool graduation gift was a Canon T3 Rebel and 10 years later I still take it with me everywhere. I've dabbled in so many creative outlets- sewing, painting, crochet, photography, making music.. to name a few. Anything to creatively express myself. I've always liked to rebel against societies norms and I truly have a gypsy heart.

I struggled "choosing a career" because I felt like I not only had to choose one that mattered but one that filled my whole cup. This led me to have one foot in and one foot out of sooo many doorways. I thought my career HAD to be my biggest passion. It had to be important and meaningful. But being the multi-passionate creative that I am, choosing one passion for a life-long career? I felt trapped.

I had this light bulb moment: I could create a career that supports everything I'm passionate about. I could build my career for my life, not my life for my career. Traveling the world, being a stay at home mom (not yet but soon), connecting and creating with women who inspire me, creatively expressing myself, working on my own terms, -the good stuff.

let's have a heart to heart

from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here.

Fun facts

Taurus sun, Leo moon, Libra rising


I love to eat…

Sweets. Sweets. And more sweets. Pancakes and mangos are my favorite.

I can't wait

To be a mom

I have a degree in


Ennanegram number




our mission

soul aligned design

We believe that our "whys" are the soul of our business that make us unique and authentic. Our "whys" are how we connect with our audience effectively and honestly. Our "whys" give us deeper insight into our brand positioning, strategy and heart. At Soul Aligned Design, we use intentional strategy to dive deep into your "why" so we can craft beautifully aligned brands and websites just for you

We stand for authenticity, kindness, honesty and full embodied expression.

At Soul Aligned Design, we hold space for your truest, most expressive self. You are welcome here in all of your fullness. We believe that when you step into your power and full embodied expression, you can intentionally and strategically use brand positioning and website design to cultivate a sustainable, scaleable brand that lights your heart on fire and instantly connects with your taregt audience. 

-Erika, 1:1 Client

"I'm so grateful for you and the beautiful work that you do. You are perfect. I know you're flawed as a human but as my designer you are top fucking notch."

-Erika, 1:1 Client

"I feel so held and supported by you and your incredible work. I love our chemistry, our connection and our co creative magic."

-Courtney, 1:1 Client

"Omg I'm obsessed. The up-level is REAL. It's perfect"

-Sarina, 1:1 Client

"I feel like everything is done and it honestly feels amazing because i am sinking into maternity leave and this worked exactly as planned. Thank you so much. You went above and beyond.


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