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We build dreamy, aligned, money making websites that capture your WHY and encompass your BRAND SOUL.

We build dreamy, aligned, money making websites that capture your why and encompass your                     



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At Soul Aligned Design Studio, It's our jam to build soulful, intuitive, holy-shit this is exactly what I imagined, brands + websites.

We believe in the power of brand positioning and intentional website design. Every branding/website project should be firmly rooted in strategy in order to create something that’s aligned to you while up-leveling your business.

You deserve a brand and website that not only matches your energy, but one that is successful and scalable.  Are you ready to up-level?

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Hey- I'm Sam. Free spirit, animal loving, ultra-emotional, multi-passionate creative.

I created Soul Aligned Design to support the lifestyle I always envisioned for myself. From traveling the world, to staying home with the babies I can't wait to have, to connecting and creating with women who inspire me.  This is my "why."

I'm a firm believe our "whys" are the soul of our business that make us unique and authentic. Our "whys" are how we connect with our audience. At Soul Aligned Design, we use intentional strategy to dive deep into your "why" so we can craft beautifully aligned brands and websites just for you

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-Erika, 1:1 Client

"I'm so grateful for you and the beautiful work that you do. You are perfect. I know you're flawed as a human but as my designer you are top fucking notch."

-Erika, 1:1 Client

"I feel so held and supported by you and your incredible work. I love our chemistry, our connection and our co creative magic."

-Courtney, 1:1 Client

"Omg I'm obsessed. The up-level is REAL. It's perfect"

-Sarina, 1:1 Client

"I feel like everything is done and it honestly feels amazing because i am sinking into maternity leave and this worked exactly as planned. Thank you so much. You went above and beyond.